Design is everywhere we look, communicating to us in both direct and indirect ways.

It has the power to shape public opinion and drive social movements, and I have an immense passion for using design to bring about social justice and community growth. I am a deep-thinker with a versatile style that can adapt to client’s needs, and I work hard to produce creative and unique visual solutions. I enjoy hands-on projects and specialize in branding, illustration, and print materials.

Disruptive Productive

This brand, Disruptive Productive, focuses on LGBTQIA+ issues and strives to create unique products that disrupt the norm. Their goal is to start positive conversations about 'taboo' subjects and bring the marginal to the front in a funky, celebrative, and colorful way. Their product, the Garden Gays earring series, blurs the lines between a collectible figurine/toy and wearable fashion and features 3 characters that live in a utopian garden town. The inhabitants of this thriving community are celebrated for who they are, and serve as an example of what could exist for human queers when surrounded by love and acceptance. I sculpted the product using polymer clay, which is both lightweight and sturdy enough for earrings. I used acrylic paint to hand paint each character and its accessories. The colorful brand identity and logo play on the LGBTQ rainbow flag, while the company name playfully ‘disrupts’ the rainbow logo. The packaging celebrates these characters with a funky, party-like aesthetic.

Defund the Police

This information design addresses why the police need to be defunded. My target audience is people who may feel skeptical about defunding, so I included common questions like “why should we defund”, “how will we stay safe”, and "what about reform". I want my audience to leave thinking that defunding is not only a good idea, but an urgent necessity to living in a more just and humane world. My layout is supporting my content by having 3 clear separated layers that pose the 3 common questions mentioned above. I did not include any images, as images of police brutality can be triggering. My graphics are simple yet informative and help the text-heavy content to be quickly understood. My process involved over 30 hours of research, as I wanted to ensure that all my facts were from reputable sources such as government websites, public data portals, and peer-reviewed journals.


I wrote, designed, and photographed this magazine editorial to comment on my relationship with the act of collecting. The black and white photographed items in the editorial add an element of sentimentality, which is a theme in my story, but the pops of color give it a fresh, fun, and artistic feeling. I chose two different typefaces for the title, “Collections”, and grouped the letters together to resemble how someone might group together several objects that they deem a collection. The images are all objects that I have collected, driving home the central theme of the work. All photographs are my own apart from the Pez dispensers, where credit is given to Getty Images.