Anna Dzhurko

Hi everyone!

My name is Anna and I am a senior at Seattle University pursuing my degree in Design. I am a very outgoing and friendly person. I love designing things digitally and I love photography. People say that I am funny, I guess I got it from my dad :) I hope you enjoy my artworks!

Type As Metaphor - Depression 

This is my favorite project that I had to do. I decided to choose the word "Depression" for this project. One of my friends had a serious depression in the past and he told me a lot about his feelings. He inspired me to show these feelings through art. The project consists in only typography and nothing else. The idea of a poster on the left was to show how inconsistent letters are; Some of them are faded and some of them are bright. I was trying to show how fast feelings change while being depressed. In the middle, you can see a man’s silhouette made by adjectives that people feel in this condition. On the right poster, I was trying to show the fight between internal and external world. People try to fight depression from inside but sometimes it is hard.

Trip to Europe Magazine Layout

In this artwork I created a layout for a magazine. You can read my personal story if you are interested, but in summary, it is about my experience traveling to Europe with my grandmother! It was very fun and I wanted to share this story in this project! I was going for a clean/modern look of it and I think I met my goals!


For this project, I got inspired while walking through small local galleries in Seattle. I love seeing abstract art and I wanted to incorporate it in this design. I was going for bright, contrasting colors.