Ashley Mufarreh

Hi, my name is Ashley Mufarreh.

I believe great design has the power to evoke meaningful emotions and connections and I seek to create this experience in my work. I love to play with color and text to craft clear, innovative and fresh visual messages. I constantly challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and explore new concepts, ideas and design mediums and thrive in the creative energy it generates.

Zodiac Cocktail Collection

Mystic Spirits is an imaginary alcohol company I created that is unlike anything else on the market. The Zodiac Cocktail Collection is a selection of high-quality, handcrafted cocktails designed and made specifically for every sign of the zodiac. The drinks and labels are crafted based on market research data that I collected that reflects both the taste and color preferences of each sign. The original artwork I designed depicts the astrological symbol of each individual sign for easy recognition and creates a personal connection to the brand. Every bottle comes with four handmade, magnetic, reusable, celestial beverage markers and a collectable cocktail card. Mystic Spirits is a brand that values creativity, individuality, and quality.

Soul Wellness Packaging Design

Soul Wellness is an imaginary wellness company I created to provide natural products to soothe your soul. I love using essential oils but find that most of them on the market don’t have design appeal. I created unique, elegant bottle packaging that stands out on the shelf with organic line drawings that complement the blend’s scent. While the design is simple, I implemented bold color choices to evoke certain emotions and utilized playful descriptions to grab your attention. Soul Wellness packaging is marketed to those that are seeking sleek, sophisticated, natural essential oils that lift your spirit and make you feel good. The “Feelings Collection” set includes 6 diffuser essential oil blends curated to your different moods.

Bloom Botanicals 

Bloom Botanicals is an imaginary brand identity concept I came up with for a flower shop. The brand targets those who want beautiful, custom designed, locally grown and sustainably sourced floral arrangements. Bloom’s philosophy is to create warm and inviting displays with an emphasis on natural elements to celebrate all things love. They pride themselves on buying fresh flowers daily and specialize in
seasonal beauties from local flower providers. This brand identity package was created with their values in mind, using warm earth tone colors and organic floral shapes to create a warm and inviting experience. I selected a lowercase ‘b’ logo to keep the brand approachable and playful to allow the clients to feel more connected.