Ava Stroup

My creative work includes oil painting, embroidery, editorial photography, fashion, and graphic design.

I derive much of my inspiration from looking at artists of decades past. Interior design and fashion are also major parts of my artistic inspiration and my self expression. Seeking beauty inside spaces, and pursuing imaginative apparel keeps me engaged with my creative side, helps to nurture my artistry, and allows me to continue evolving as a maker.

With my art and designs I aim to convey a feeling of happy harmony, and instill peace and balance in oneself. I want my viewers to leave their troubles and be taken into my art, to feel as though they are in a dream of some sort, and my art is their new reality. Through research, observation, communication, and collaboration I get to know my audience, their circumstances, and dreams for their future. After gaining a deep understanding of those whom I hope to reach, I use color, composition, typography, photography, and illustration to initiate a dialogue. Through design and aesthetics, we converse about lifestyle, culture, history, and beauty. In this vision of the future we meet, connect, and unite.


This collection of apparel was curated for my Advanced Studio course this past Fall. This class gave me the opportunity to explore any facet of the arts, and devote the entire quarter to the project of my choosing. I took the chance to dive into fashion design, something I have always wanted to pursue. For these pieces I took inspiration from 60’s mod fashion, contemporary fashion and interior designers, and brands such as Emilio Pucci, Gimaguas, and La Double J. The project is a combination of hand embroidered pieces, oil painting, digitally constructed patterns, renovated found vintage pieces, and newly designed garments from scratch. The presentation of the completed garments are displayed in front of a close up scan of the work itself, to allow both a closer look of the textiles, but more importantly a good glimpse into my creative vision.


This project in expressive typography is centered around femininity. To illustrate just a few of the many forms femininity can take on, I utilized the power of composition, contrast, placement and proximity to allude to various aspects of womanhood.


Achieving Happiness

Achieving Happiness is the product of a month long study of the elements of happiness, and the development of an infographic to communicate the research findings. With the goal of assisting people on their journey to fulfillment, I focused on breaking down false notions about happiness, and teaching people the most fundamental lessons surrounding one's well being. The great importance of this message necessitated an encouraging and welcoming design. Through the use of soft colors, an illustrative aesthetic, and an asymmetrically balanced design, I am able to guide my audience through these lessons with warmth and comfort.