Bingjie Yan

Hello! My name is Bingjie Yan, and I'm an international student from China.

I spend eight years study abroad, and this will be my last quarter. I'm in design major, which graphic design is the most that I passionate about. I love to design artwork with creativity and passion. Especially, when I try to communicate with the audience, being able to deliver the message I want to convey with precision design is important. It is a great sense of achievement for me when my design is approved by the audience

Fan Art - Line Art

This artwork I tried to create a simple 3D visual line art, which is inspired by the artwork that I visited in gallery. There have no huge meaning behind it, just tried to make a visual art. I used Adobe AI create this piece, and it turned out well.

Infographic Design - Mental Killer: Depression

For this infographic, I decided to research Mental Health - Depression. The main reason that I want to design this topic is I personally suffered some bad moods in the past, and I know how terrible it is, and people often not aware of their mental health. Especially, family, friend, or student around you, they might need some help but you never noticed. Therefore, I think it is important for me to spread the information to the world and let more people know about it.

Oxymoron - Original Copy

An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which opposite or contradictory ideas or terms are combined. I chose "Original Copy" as an oxymoron phrase. I used ink and gouache to create this piece, and tried to visualized the oxymoron phrase.