Chia-Lin Hsieh

Hi, I am Cassie.

I studied design and studio art in Seattle University. I am passionate about exploring the beauty in the world and putting them into art. I believe art is powerful tool that help to connect people together. My goal as a designer is to bring the beauty of art to everyone and connect everyone together.

Halfway Done: Oxymoron Design

This project is an oxymoron words design. Yep. It's not done yet. It's halfway done.

CHOC: Packaging Design

This project is a package design for the chocolate. This chocolate brand will serve good quality of chocolate, and have the vibe of young and energetic. Enjoy the delicious chocolate with the cute wrap and some fun fact of chocolate in the inner-side of wrap at the same time.

Inner Mind Trip: Internal Self Video

This project was inspire by Arthur Jafa’s APEX. Using the photos and rhythmic beep in the video to deliver the emotion and message. This video is exploring the interior world of human. It is an inner mind road trip. It is going to explore people's mentality and emotions such as peaceful, hateful, happiness, sadness, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness...etc.