My name is Emily Efird and I am a junior design major from Seattle!

When it comes to design, my main interests include illustration and packaging design. I consider myself to be a bit of a collector, and often find myself inspired by "cute" objects and little keepsakes. I aim to create works that engage the viewer in a way where they think "oh that's cute," and then want to actually keep the work I make.

Constellation Box

The piece was created for Graphic Design I's packaging project. The box is made entirely out of wood and was engraved with a laser cutter. The box is made to hold tealights, and when placed inside the box and lit, the holes of the constellations are projected onto walls. The main goal of the box was to make beautiful packaging that would not be tossed after the product was purchased, and by making the box essentially function as a lamp, I hope it extended the product's potential lifetime.


For the "Design to Sell" project I created a planter and various branding materials for the brand "Ecoterrestrials." The product is essentially a UFO shaped planter, with holes to drain water out at the bottom that makes it look as if the hanging cow is being abducted. I chose to include stickers with the packaging, as I wanted the potential buyer to be able to customize their plants.


My infographic is a visualization of the dangers of mica mining, a product commonly used in cosmetics. My goal with the project was to get viewers to realize what exactly mica and how unethical its mining practices are.