I’m Julie Lee, a graphic designer, creating unique value through illustrations and graphic design focused on human-centered designs and technological strengths. I love what I do, and I want to create designs focused on creative approaches to humanizing the problems we need to solve.

Fold Up:
Mobile Game App Design

Fold up is a 2D mobile app game based on Dungeon Crawlers, where users pick characters and adventure into the mountains to see how many battle rounds survived. The design illustrates characters, monsters, and items folded as origami paper. In the work presented, shows the first run experience home screens for Fold Up.

9 Steps of Designing:
Digital Book Design

9 Steps of Designing is a digital book that illustrates my creative process when working on a design project. Each spread represents each step of the designing process in a collage and connects images in a unique expression. In my work presented, I chose four pages from the digital book that illustrates my design concept and I like the most.