My name is Kailey DeLozier,

and I am a graphic designer with an interest in both visual design and user experience/user interface design. The intention of my work is to engage and inspire the people around me on various topics. I love to play around with various mediums and creative styles, but mainly love doing illustrations primarily along with any UX design projects.

Bachelor Farmer Menu Redesign

This was a menu redesign I did for a restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I wanted to keep the design simple and clean with some color, as this is a farm-to-table restaurant. I also included bright photos of the food to draw the guests in.

Game Design: Viral Crushers

I was given the opportunity to work with graduate level computer science developers to create a fully functional mobile game. While a very hard process, my team created an amazing game of viruses vs humans, known as Viral Crushers. This process included endless wireframing, cross platform collaboration, and hours of sketching, but the final product was worth it.