Hey I’m Kim, I’m a Filipina graphic designer based in Seattle, WA.

I love designing with a mix of pastels, gradients, and holographic foils to create visually stunning work. I specialize in brand identity, poster design, and print layout projects. When I’m not sitting at the computer or yelling expletives at a printer, you can find me at a music festival, drinking boba, or playing with my dogs, Ginger and Bruno.


burnout is a futuristic health and wellness supplement line, made to kind of poke some humor towards the COVID-19 pandemic. The products line includes Creativity Juice, Self-Love Tea, and Productivity Pills. I was inspired to make these products because I’ve been focusing a lot on self-help and wellness being at home all the time and kind of wishing there was just one “get better” pill.


Microaggressions are something that I’ve had to encounter in multiple different instances, both in my academic and everyday life. I chose this topic primarily to learn more about the specifics of microaggressions but also for the audience to learn and become more aware of these usually unnoticeable phrases to increase self-awareness.

Happy Waffle

Happy Waffle is a fun and playful brand identity and packaging project, made to make eating more accessible and convenient. I created a packaging concept that allowed customers to peacefully eat bubble waffle without the worry of it toppling over or spilling everywhere, while still being cute and functional.