“It’s impossible to completely understand others, but that doesn’t mean it’s pointless to try.”

Leon is a graphic designer who aims to understand emotions. His inspirations derive from the futuristic, digital, and fantasy genres. He uses design as a way to communicate complex and subtle emotions by telling a story. This is brought forth by his desire to understand people and be understood by others. By always being challenged to understand others, he continues to learn new methods of communication through the practice of design.

Gaming Truths:

This infographic aims to present counter arguments to claims or myths about gaming culture. The inspiration for this came from the many degrading comments teachers, mentors, and media would often say about people who played video games. It hurts to not be understood, but it’s more frustrating when people don’t bother trying to understand. Since my aim was to clear up these misunderstandings of gamers, I made the layout an arcade box with perspective to visually draw people into the poster. Titling it ‘Gaming Truths’ is intended to foster curiosity in the viewer, with bolded headers stating a myth as truth to trick those with negative preconceptions on gaming that I agree with them. By reading further you will find that I’m actually subverting the previous statement, and instead hopefully giving viewers enough information to question negative notions on gaming.


In this project I used the acronym ‘ggwp’ which stands for ‘good game, well played’. The are a couple variations of the phrase, but they are all commonly said during online player versus player games. It’s essentially a way to show sportsmanship through typing and verbal communication. To deepen the acronym’s relationship to gaming, I tweaked the shape of a couple letters to give an impression of two commonly used devices that connect with games. The ‘G’ has the outline of a PlayStation controller at an angle, and the ‘P’ has the shape of a mouse inside it. By doing this, the meaning of ‘GGWP’ can be visually connected to gaming, even without knowing exactly what it stands for.

Cuts & Subs:
Logo & Branding Design

Cuts & Subs is an imaginative combination of a butcher house and sandwich shop. Various cuts of meat would be on display in enclosed glass casings, and you can purchase whatever cuts you fancy. For the restaurant section of the store, they serve subs which you can order using their menu. The logo includes a cartoony slice of raw ribeye steak, intended to represent the company’s role as a butcher house and sandwich shop. The steak can be used as a standalone image for other decorative purposes such as on shirts, stickers, or business cards. Besides the meat graphic, colors associated with the brand are different tones of brown. Along with an older looking typeface, the branding is intended to give off an “old-timey” but modern feeling to it.