Lydia Tiruneh

Hello, I’m Lydia and I’m a designer based in Seattle.

My focus is on UX design, brand identity, and package design. I’m drawn to design because of all of the opportunities there are for creative problem solving and making an impact on people. My motivation to design is to help create a world that is more inclusive and accessible.


The goal of YouPrint is to help make home renovation easier for the average consumer. With this project, a problem was identified, wanting to be able to see what the end result of a home renovation, and a solution was developed, YouPrint. With YouPrint, the user can use their device's camera to get the measurements of a room in their home and use those dimensions to create their dream room. All without having to spend the time, money, and energy it would usually take!


One bite can unleash the superhero in you! The IncrEdibles package was made for a package design project that creatively packages any product of choice. So IncrEdibles were born. The packaging I created are for cannabis infused candies, also known as edibles. To go along with the name, I went with a superhero theme.


This magazine editorial assignment was to tell a story from life and design a layout that works with it. Here, I'm telling a story about the time I switched majors while transferring schools. I went with a slight caterpillar/butterfly theme because of that transition. It was stressful but led to where I am now!