I am an artist and designer currently studying in Seattle.

At the core, I want my art to be a tool in exploring topics of ecology, conservation, sustainability, and environmental justice. I believe in the power of art and design to educate and inspire change, as well as a way to foster a deeper connection to both the human and non-human worlds.  Breathe, stay, have a look around. I hope something speaks to you in my work - I make art for me, I make art for you. My art takes form in the sporadic, the interconnected, in subtleties and shifts. Let’s move, let’s flow! 


Willow Teas Box

The Willow Tea box is a package design for an Oolong Tea blend. The box is crafted from handmade recycled paper and vellum meant to reflect the handpicked, hand rolled, high-mountain tea leaves. The leaves are also picked on sustainable family-run farms, mirrored in the low-impact recycled packaging. I wanted to explore the traditions of tea across cultures and histories for this project, and did prolonged research on both the physical and symbolic processes of making and drinking tea.  The final design focuses on a relaxed state of being, a calm joy of moving in the flow, and is
reminiscent of spiraling steam, tea leave veins, and lapping water.

“Chazen Ichimi - tea and Zen have the same flavor” 

It’s All Bananas! 

Globally, our agricultural systems makes up 80% of deforestation. This design serves to explore the impacts of industrial agriculture by focusing in on the process of banana production. It explores how detrimental the systems that produce our food are to the people who grow it, the land it grows on, and to the earth. It is meant to spark conversations about ways in which we can transform our food systems, to help reimagine our relationship to food in the way we buy and consume it, and to highlight the systemic forces most at fault. Zoom in to read more! 

i have to make a book

i have to make a book is a digital zine born out of the assigned project of creating a digital book. These are a few select spreads from the full project. 

Over the course of the book, I chronicle the tensions I found within the creative process; how both invigorating and draining expression becomes, how linear yet cyclical art making is. Made in one night from 8pm-8am.