Marina Morales

Hi, I’m Marina Morales. Graphic design is my passion <3

Digital illustrations are my forte and I rely heavily on them in my designs. Incorporating them allows me to create dynamic and versatile pieces. My other interests in art include acrylic painting, charcoal drawings, and traditional pen and ink drawings. Most of my art centers around drawing dragons and other fantastical creatures so I tend to include that motif in my design projects as well since it reflects what inspires me. My geckos deserve a shoutout for truly inspiring me. They’re my muses.

The Geck Deck:
Editorial Design

This magazine layout was created as a project for my Graphic Design 2 class. It was made more as a passion project for myself as it focused on my two crested geckos. I captured their mischievousness through the vibrant illustrations I did of them. In my first spread it’s meant to appear as if my gecko is sticking to the front of the page. I also added some gecko foot prints to make it seem like she has been walking on that half of the page. I chose pastel colors since the palette is meant to go with the lighthearted and silly tone of the story. I also wanted to pick a color palette that made the illustrations of my geckos stand out.

Paleo Pals:
Product Design

Paleo Pals is my hypothetical Kickstarter funded and locally owned gacha toy company. They have Gachapon machines located in Pike Place market, the Pacific Science Center, and pier area. PaleoPals also sells fake terrarium kits on their website that the little prehistoric gacha figures would go in. You get the figures and terrariums separately. I really like collecting figures and I also like prehistoric animals, so I wanted to create a product that combined two of my interests. My product is meant to appeal to both children and adults, so I made sure the brand was kawaii (cute) while also maintaining a sort of seriousness to the PaleoPals brand with my logo and creature design.

Prehistoric Collectibles:
Package Design

The hypothetical company I designed a package for is called Prehistoric collectibles. It’s a small locally owned business that sells genuine fossils and fossil casts. For this design I chose a Spinosaurus claw fossil. My main goal was for the packaging to be educational, aesthetic, and unique. It was important to me that the consumer got to interact with the box and learn about the fossil they had just bought through the graphics on it. It’s meant to be a display piece that you can show off alongside the fossil or even on its own. My inspiration for this box came from the times I’ve purchased fossil rocks at museums and rock shops. The packaging they came with was usually a plain white box or cardboard box that didn’t offer any  information on the animal the fossil came from.