Meet Our Instructors!

Naomi Kasumi
and Lucas Boyle

This 2021 cohort has been the largest group of senior/junior design students, and the entire year-long sequence “design boot-camp” has been conducted solely through zoom online classroom due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the university closure. We've experienced and lived through so many challenges, difficulties, limitations in communication and building close relationship in our cohort community. However, this year's students overcame many challenges and put so much work and effort to complete and showcase their fabulous online gallery exhibition entitled "" that conceptually and metaphorically expressed our remote relationship but bundled ONE as a design cohort.  As a teacher, I am extremely proud of all the work produced by all the students in this class!!!  Congratulations! The Design Class of 2021!  You guys ROCK!  I love you all~ ❤️
I hope all the visitors and viewers spend good amount of time to enjoy and cerebrate our students' hard work and beautiful design work of this whole academic year.

-Naomi Kasumi 

Kasumi is currently both Professor of Design, and Director of the Design Program.

She is a Seattle-based artist, scholar, educator, and designer born in Kyoto, Japan. She teaches most of the Programs’ graphic design courses, the Design Foundation and Senior Synthesis courses. Through her unique approach to design studio pedagogy, she educates the whole person. Students learn not only the skills needed by design professionals, but they also put their skills to use through service-learning projects educate and raise awareness in the community. 

Kasumi was educated in music beginning at age five; as a young adult she was an elite professional cross-country ski racer; and in the U.S. she certified as a PADI SCUBA dive master. Her involvement in outdoor sports has given her a deep connection to nature. Her profound appreciation for the natural world is visible in her artistic perspective and revealed in her installation art. Her work has been exhbitied across the globe.

Howdy. My name is Lucas Boyle

I’m a Lecturer in the Design Program at Seattle University. I’ve been part of the program here at SU for five years now. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from this very program way back in 2009. In my professional life, I've done design work for online stores, small businesses, non-profits, freelance work, and self-driven art projects. I’m proud to be part of the program here at SU.

Seattle is my home. I grew up in Ballard, a neighborhood hood in north Seattle, but have now lived on Capitol Hill, just around the corner from SU, for the past 15 years. I love exploring the city on my bike and walking down streets I've never explored. 
One of my biggest passions in life is dodgeball. I am the president of Dodgeball Seattle, a non profit dodgeball organization. I am also the head coach of the USA Men’s Dodgeball team.   Whether its art / design / or dodgeball, I believe in creating a regular practice and developing your craft over time. Every project or game is an opportunity to learn something about your self, your work, and the world around you.