Minh Nguyen


Minh is a Vietnamese youth who is curious about the world and her potential of learning, understanding and interpreting it.

She thinks the world we’re living in is a rich resource for art and art in reverse is a means to enrich the world with colors, shapes and voices. Through graphic design, Minh wants to help people deliver their voices to the world and communicate with it. Because voices need to be heard! That’s when her strengths come in handy as creative problem solving, typography, branding and print design.

Manic Outbreak

“Manic Outbreak” is a typographic piece that reflects the experience and symptoms of a manic episode. Within this period, a person suffering from mania is usually excessively excited, easily distracted, overreactive and even delusional. The most visible symptom is the appearance of a huge flow of energy. On one hand, manic episode is often associated with “positive” experiences as highly energetic and optimistic. On the other, it’s in fact still dangerous with the potential of causing the lack of concentration, hallucination and self-destruction. Through this project, I want to raise the awareness about the fact that there are often two sides to a matter. People usually get tricked by the “positive/optimistic” appearance of a person/matter that they would miss or even ignore the problems behind. The neglection in such situation can later cause serious consequences.


This piece is created based on the acronym International Olympic Committee - a non-governmental sports organization. With the goal to visually communicate with type, I limited the amount of additional illustration as much as possible to let the type speak for itself.

Considering the long-standing history of the organization, I used an Old Style typeface to express the traditional and serious quality. As for the letter O, I merged the form of the letter with the illustration of a laurel wreath which is one of the Olympic’s famous symbols.


This package design is for an imaginative product - a health dose from a company called REVI. The health dose is supposed to provide complete immunity for any kind of health conditions within a given time period (1 week/1 month/6 months/1 year). Toward the expiration date, the effect would gradually fade away. The targeted customers would be people who suffer from serious health conditions (i.e. cancer, etc.) that wish to spend a period of time being normally healthy or people who catch a cold on the day they have to accomplish an important event. The product should be widely accessible and affordable on the market for such reason, therefore I established a packaging design that meets the average income. The pyramid shape of the package means to imply the recovering (upward direction) of the consumer’s health status. The color palette aims at calming and establishing reliability of the product as well as giving good contrast aesthetically.