Patrick Grothe

My name is Patrick. I was born and raised in Burien Washington.

I enjoy drawing, painting, paint pens, and making stickers. Much of my art is inspired by childishness and being light, loose and silly. My other passion is the outdoors. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist. My favorite animal is the Dungeness Crab. I enjoy letting my enjoyment of the outdoors inspire my art as well.

Ski Cheese Ski Wax

Ski cheese is a product packing design for ski wax. I was inspired with all the unique packaging that exists for more niche disposables like this. There’s a wax company that sells their wax in the shape of a beer can, and I always found that intriguing. I made three different slip covers for the different temperature ratings of the wax, with a label on the back that describes the product. Overall, I tried to keep the packaging playful, silly, and fun. I opted to make it look like a fancy cheese product by using wood and leather for the construction.

Wack Pack, Used Gear Exchange

Wack Pack used gear exchange was an exercise in creating a brand from scratch. I took inspiration from companies like Wonderland gear exchange, Play it again sports and REI. The fictional company would sell used outdoor gear and clothing. So it would be focused on outdoor accessibility, the environment, and generally demystifying and trying to make outdoor retail world fun and accessible to a larger scope of people. The name Wack Pack is obviously a play on back-pack, which feels outdoorsy. The softer colors and typeface are meant to evoke the more laidback, accessible feeling of the company. And the patch motif is meant to evoke the feeling of used gear. I was especially proud of the stickers I make.