Russell Bauder is a graphic designer who has experience working with
a multitude of different typess of projects -
including poster and flyer design, UX and UI design, as well as 2D animation. Graduating Seattle University in 2021, Russell looks forward to gaining additional experience in the graphic design industry. When not working on graphic design, Russell can be found outdoors in one of Seattle's many parks or indoors playing games with friends.

Casa Latina Flyer

The Casa Latina Flyer was a project for a local non-profit to redesign the flyer they use to advertise services and rates for their home care service. The old flyer was in black and white and had many cartoons on it, and it was showing its age. The NPO wanted to have more color and fewer cartoons. As such, the redesigned flyer makes use of the organizations colors and eliminates any cartoons. Graphically speaking, the flyer uses leaves on the bottom of the flyer to emphasize their lawn care business. I created two versions of the flyer; a full-size flyer to hang up on bulletin boards, and a half size flyer to hand out.

Email Design: Seattle Housing Authority

The Seattle Housing Authority Email was a set of emails created for the Seattle Housing Authority to promote a series of financial literacy classes at New Holly. This was a group project, and it consisted of a mailer, banner, flyer, and this email. All shared a common design in terms of colors and type. The cherry blossom, coin, and girl were created by Jaida Ho, and the branch was done by Anna Dzhurko. The classes were geared towards young women of color, and we worked with a contact from SHA along the way to determine a style that we thought the young women would like. The emails are in a one-column layout and advertise the program, as well as the sponsor. Two versions were created; one for mobile and one for desktops.

Magazine Layout

The Magazine Layout is a conceptual layout for a fictional print magazine. The size of each leaf was 8 inches by 10 inches and was intended to emulate editorial magazines such as The New Yorker. As this was not a photo magazine, color was used sparingly and mainly used to highlight information such as page numbers and sections.