Design gives us the attention we need to express ourselves and be heard - 

and I’ve found a way to creatively communicate my thoughts and ideas through my creations. It’s a visual tool that’s thought-provoking; it competes for our attention in a way that leaves a lingering thought and the drive to take action. With a focus on branding, print, and UX design, I was able to develop a broad set of skills that enabled me to solve visual-communication problems with impact. My goal is to create designs that help people find their place in both the physical and digital worlds.

Pop It: Package Design

For this project, I decided to design a package that disposes gumballs more playfully and interactively. I used a bright color palette to emphasize the brand goals, which are friendliness, interactivity, and playfulness. My goal was to incorporate past products that we’ve purchased many times during our childhood and package them in an unconventional way that would appeal to the target audience. The purpose of this package design is to give room for imagination.

Ready Belly: App Experience

Ready Belly is a food delivery app that generates a list of restaurants based on the user’s selected preferences. This app was designed based on a user needs statement and the study of a user persona. The challenge was to create an app that caters to a user’s preferences to speed up decision-making when picking a restaurant. The user will have the ability to change their preferences if they ever wish to do so. Compatibility rate is also indicated with each restaurant that’s on the list to make it clear which restaurants fit best with the preferences that they have selected. The list of restaurants is generated weekly; think of Spotify’s weekly playlists but with restaurants!

Dying Alive: Information Design

Dying Alive is an infographic about controlling panic attacks. This includes the definition and prevalence of anxiety disorders, panic attacks, symptoms, ways to stop the panic attack, and hotlines available to help an individual in need. My main goal for this design is to inform and help those who are suffering from panic attacks and educate those who know little about it. By doing so, people can step up and help calm individuals experiencing panic attacks by applying the techniques I’ve included and recognizing the symptoms. I decided to add line art to the rigid graphics that I have to establish a more intimate and personal connection. My goal was to create a comfortable space for the audience when viewing it.