Tristan Ingalz

I am Tristan Ingalz, a soon-to-be graduate from Seattle University’s Design program.

The particular style that I cater myself with is a blend of minimalism with slight eccentricity. I strive to provide clean and simple designs that focus on conveying the most important information effectively. Gaining inspiration from worldwide technology companies, I emphasize functionality among my designs to promote seamless user interaction and satisfaction to the highest degree.

Douglas Donuts: Responsive Email Design

Designed for web and mobile, Douglas' Donuts represents a fictional bakery that wishes to promote its Grand Opening. This newsletter not only advertises the new bakery but also presents itself in a way to reach an extremely broad audience, with high conversion rate.

Unity Aid Airdrop Package: Packaging Design

Humanitarian aid is something that can always be improved on. The most effective contemporary way to assist countries in need within a timely manner is to airdrop. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, many countries have shifted focus of aid towards themselves rather than the world as a whole. The design of this package is meant to be dropped and parachuted from 7,000 meters. Focusing on visibility, durability, and reusability.